Research Universities and the Future of America: SW Regional Workshop

A large and diverse group of individuals met over the course of two days in Tucson in February 2013 to help ensure that the engine of American progress and entrepreneurship — the research enterprise — continues strong through the twenty-first century and beyond. 

Research Universities and the Future of America: Southwestern Regional Workshop to Renew the Partnership for Innovation, Prosperity, and Security is a print report that documents the discussion and recommendations of this conference. 

Participants included university administrators and faculty members, community representatives, elected officials, business leaders, captains of high-tech firms, and directors of non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Their charge, from the National Research Council, was to “reaffirm, revitalize, and strengthen substantially” the unique partnership among research universities, the federal government, the states, and philanthropy so as to “encourage the ideas and innovations that will lead to more high-end jobs, increased incomes, and the national security, health, and prosperity we expect.” 

Broad, active participation was critical to the success of the meeting, but it is only a preliminary step in what is hoped will be an ongoing and expanded collaborative effort to find ways to improve prosperity and security, strengthen academic institutions, and build talent.